Providing the most secure & resilient data transmit in Zero Trust Networks.

VPNs expose signatures and metadata

Current encryption methods leave network traffic signatures - this enables adversaries to easily target and exploit the data flowing from endpoint to endpoint

End Point


End Point

ZTT obfuscates communications

Zero Trust TRANSEC™ (ZTT) Global Communications is secure and obfuscated communications between endpoints that are transmitting data packets across trusted, untrusted and compromised networks.

End-to-End IP Transit Security

Secure the endpoint communications channels (inbound and outbound) and establish a secure transit path ahead of negotiating with a network firewall or router perimeter

Adversarial Mitigation

Provide global capability (CONUS and OCONUS) to deter man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping by VEOs, nation-state actors and near peer threats

AOR Interoperability

Secure and hardened cellular hotspot for secure freedom of maneuver through CONUS/OCONUS cellular networks

Footprint Obfuscation

Network signatures are obfuscated allowing devices to communicate with trusted nodes without exposing critical data, geolocation, or intent to network observers

SCATR is easily configured and customized to meet the specific end user requirements - at scale - in any geographic region - in various form factors.